dimanche, mars 14, 2010

Qlife in Paris

Août 2008 :Projet pour l’exposition en marge du Qfestival à Jakarta dans les locaux du C.C.F. .

Le thème de l'exposition porte sur les couples franco-asiatiques gay et lesbiens ainsi quelques portraits masculins dans Paris. Certains couples sont ensemble depuis plusieurs années.

Aujourd'hui je continue ce travail en élargissant ma prospection au delà des frontières .

Je compte présenter ce travail lors de divers évènements LGBT en France et à l'étranger .

Si ce travail vous intéresse en tant que modèle ou pour le valoriser dans une exposition, n'hésitez pas a me contacter

Aujourd'hui, je recherche à étoffer mon travail avec des couples mixtes (inter-culturels ) gay, lesbien et trans.

Project for the exhibition outside the Qfestival in Jakarta in the CCF in August 2008.

The theme of the exhibition focuses on the Franco-Asian gay and lesbians couples and some portraits of guys in Paris. Some couples have been together for several years.

Today I spread my work across west borders.

I intend to present this work at various LGBT events in France and abroad.

If you are interested in this work as a model or to display this exhibition do not hesitate to contact me

Today I also looking for mixed couples (intercultural) gay, lesbian and trans

Queer film festival to be held Jakarta Aug 8-16-2008, Bali Aug 21-24-2008, Surabaya Oct 14-19-2008

quelques mots sur le Queer film festival de Jakarta

The only queer film festival to be held in a predominantly Muslim country, the Q! Film Festival will be held in the city of Jakarta, Bali and Surabaya this year; followed by Bandung and Yogjakarta next year.

First established in Jakarta in 2002, the Q! Film Festival has spread its reach to four other cities: Bali, Surabaya, Bandung and Yogjakarta.

According to organisers, the festival - said to be the only queer film festival to be held in a predominantly Muslim country - has attracted more than 75,000 people and has screened over 500 films in its six-year history.

To be held from Aug 8-16 in Jakarta, the festival will screen some 80 films feature-length films, documentary and shorts from over 20 countries. Special guests at the festival include Julian Cole, director ofWith Gilbert and George (UK); Saskia Heyden, director of Risk, Stretch or Die(Germany), actor and drag king performer Ocean LeRoy (Risk, Stretch or Die), Poj Arnon and Chaiwat Thongsaeng, director and actor of Bangkok Love Storyrespectively.

John Badalu, the co-founding festival director, says 2008 will be one of the most important and challenging years for the festival. "We will have to fight against the National Censorship Board, the soon-to-be launched Anti Pornography Law and the crueler Islamic fundamentalist groups."

The 37-year-old says organisers have received threats of violence and even death from religious conservatives given that Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim country.

Notably missing from the festival programme is the highly anticipated and acclaimed documentary A Jihad For Lovewhich features the lives of 12 gay Muslim men and women and had taken director Parvez Sharma more than five years to make.

Badalu told Fridae that the screening has been postponed to next year as the director is unable to attend the festival next month.

The controversial film was screened at the Istanbul International Film Festival in April - the first time the film is being screened in a Muslim country - and at the ongoing Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. The film was to have its Asia premiere in Singapore in April but was banned by censors at the last minute due to its "sensitive" subject.

This year, the festival has teamed up with Kalyana Shira Foundation, a non-profit group that works with women, children and marginalised groups, to present a new Human Rights section featuring five local films

Aside from films, other events include three photo exhibitions by French photographer Amaury Grisel (Q! Life in Paris), Indonesian photographer Adi (Transgender in Indonesia) and a group exhibition by Indonesian and international professional and non-professional photographers. There will also be two discussion panels on Homosexuality and Religion, and "Bahasa Binan" which examines the use of queer related slangs in the Indonesian language as well as literary events including a book launch "Heterophobia," the second book of blogger "Macho Man Ngomong Cong" and a book discussion on poetry and short stories by lesbians.

The majority of screenings and events oganised in conjunction with Q! Film Festival, a non-profit organisation, is free of charge. If you wish to make a cash contribution, please contact